Idle Motionís Vanishing Horizon

This piece of devised, physical theatre uses charming and inventive staging created from battered suitcases, puppets, maps and paper aeroplanes to give wings to the story of aviationís pioneering women and the journeys they took, exploring the freedom found in flight. Interwoven into this narrative is the moving modern day account of a young womanís travels to discover the story of her estranged grandmother, who had fled the constraints of her life in post-war Britain to adventure in South Africa.

Total Theatre Award-nominated Idle Motion is a dynamic theatre company based in Oxford. It is a young company with big ideas, which is passionate about creating and sharing exciting and innovative new work.

Time: 15 to 16 September 2012, 19:30

Venue: Tianjin Grand Theatre

Price: CNY 100-150