Seafood Buffet Feast in Seasonal Tastes


Are you still upset about not knowing where to find Happy Hours on Friday night? Chefs in Seasonal Tastes of The Westin, Tianjin serve you the perfect fusion of Asian and international cuisine Delicate Friday Seafood Buffet! More than 40 kinds of seafood including Australian Featured Lobster, Norwegian Salmon, and American Alaska Crabs meet the demands of seafood enthusiasts.

The salmon, red tuna and white tuna sashimi are served in the Seafood Sashimi Sushi Area and are all really tasty and well-received by the customers. The Teppanyaki Area offers more than 10 selected food ingredients such as delicious steak, chicken, seafood and nutritious vegetables. Chefs cooking live in front of you enables you to feel enjoyment both in taste and vision. Fresh veggies and salad with rich flavours are on offer in the Salad Area so health conscious eaters can choose from a range of healthy snacks. The cold dishes and salads matched with meat and vegetables have a distinctive taste as well. In the Seasonal Fruit Area rich varieties, seductive colours, nutritious cold dishes and salads are available for you to choose from. If you come to the Fried Ice-cream Area, pick the sweet colourful ice-creams after the frying process on the iron panel, with a variety of ingredients and seasonal fruits, which brings you to a cooler summer. If you are looking for cold drinks, look in the Beverage Area. Here you can find cool Sprite, Cola, ice water, freshly ground coffee, nourishing Earl Grey, Mint Tea and Green Tea. And in the Dessert Area, assorted desserts, including tasty Mousse, Cheese, Pudding and Chocolate Waterfall are waiting for you! As if you had come to a cute Chocolate Factory, all the adults and children were indulged in this! Come on! Invite your friends, celebrate happy Friday and have fun together in Seasonal Tastes!

Price: CNY 308 pp (limitless featured wine and local beer) +15% service charge

Address: 1F, The Westin Tianjin, No. 101, Nanjing Lu, Heping District

Tel: +86 22 2389 0168