Summer Nails

Pastel colours

These sorbet shades are soft and low key, perfect to wear in a work environment that is not so pro-polish. The classic options are Pastel pink, soft coral and feminine lilac while soft blue and green are more fashion forward. They match perfectly with this seasonís ladylike trends as they are demure and elegant. Think colour-block in pastel colours and clash coral fingertips with green toes. Sometimes you want to wear barely visible colours which look polished and tidy but are not too boring so these brands are the perfect options. Choose a creamy pink or lilac.


Have you ever been ready to get your nail colour done but are still not quite sure which one to go for? This will be the solution for you. ďRuby WingĒ is a nail lacquer brand that has just launched a new line of nail polish that changes colour in the sun, one colour indoors and another one out, amazing right? So you will never get bored of the same colour with this fashionable palette, from pink colours that change into lavender, pink into red, red into berry, metallic blue that transform into metallic purple and yellow that change into orange, what is not to love about this?


In the other side of the string is neon polish. As soon as the sporty trend came on the catwalks, we all knew that the 90ís fluorescent colours were back, not only for your outfits, and we are not talking about clothes you were wearing at the gym, but for your fingertips and toes as well. To make a big statement in bright colours, go for neon yellow, orange, green and pink. The perfect match- with your summer bikini, the perfect place- at the beach, the perfect accessory- combine neon toe nails with bright havaianas for daytime and flower print wedges at night.


While we are all submersed in the Olympics spirit, it seems we canít take gold, silver and bronze from our head. It comes so naturally that we want metallic lacquer on our nails. Traditionally metallicís were for colder months but this summer they are here to stay, first with Chanel metallic colours, then came Tom Ford with his gold hues. You can choose from gold, silver, bronze and pewter tones or play with the silvery topcoat with multi-sized glitter flecks. Do head-to-toe shine, paring nigh-time sequined outfits with glamorous finger nails. For a total glamour night, choose bronze for your toes and gold for your finger nails, you wonít need anything else. You could mix two trends into one, choosing pastel colours in metallic finishes, to be ladylike and luxurious at the same time


Since the emergence of gel manicures we have found the solution to two problems, one is getting our nail polish to last longer and the second one is that we donít have to wait for our nail lacquer to dry or presume that they are done and therefore ruin them. So gel manicures can be applied really quickly, we donít need to wait or be afraid of spoiling them as they get totally dry and one application s gives ten days of perfectly painted nails. Now, when we think it is the best time, we find out that we can get them done at home. The new at-home kits which include the LED lamp and everything you need to prepare, apply and remove the colour.

Nail Art

Nail art is having the biggest moment in its history. You probably think about nail art and you cringe, thinking flashy shiny crystals over your nails, pink hello kitty or massive stones stuck on your fingers which mean that you can barely move your hands at all. But no, we are talking about elegant, classy and highly artistic nail art. The best example is Chanelís first time incursion in nail art, elegant pink nail lacquer outlined with grey metallic, absolutely innocent and elegant. Get the style by using the new nail brushes to create the drawings and then choose the style you want, plain colours with outlines in a different contrast one, stripped, spotted, tribal patterns or two colours that fade into one.